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TXVSN Data Collection

Data collection is a process of gathering, measuring, and sharing information on variables of interest in order for end users to make an informed choice. The Texas Legislature has authorized the collection and display of specific informed choice data related to the Texas Virtual School Network programs. The Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) Data Governance Board, comprised of the directors of TEA divisions that use state and federally mandated data, as well as legal and security representatives, approves the implementation of all mandated data collections for the Texas Education Agency and its affiliates.

Informed Choice

TXVSN Statewide Catalog Data

Informed choice data about statewide catalog providers and their courses is integrated into catalog course entries.  Informed choice data includes results of the optional student survey and course success data.

The TXVSN statewide catalog student survey results are compiled to determine satisfaction with a catalog provider and its courses. An email invitation to complete a survey about a provider and its coursework is emailed to students at the end of each semester. Responses from course surveys are compiled in the performance  tab in the catalog and used to determine satisfaction by provider and by course. Data is aggregate from fall 2014 forward. By clicking on the performance tab, most results are represented by the number of stars and compiled as noted below.

  • Provider Survey Rating:  star rating  is displayed for student and parent responses. The number of responses received to date are in parenthesis.
  • Course Survey Rating:
    • Student: “How satisfied were students with this course?” star rating includes an average of student responses to the end of course survey questions. The total responses to date are in parenthesis.
    • Parent:  “How satisfied were parents with this course?” star rating includes an average of parent responses to the end of course survey questions. The total responses to date are in parenthesis.

The course success rate displayed in the catalog is fall 2014 and forward. The success rate includes successful completions for those students completing courses with a grade of 70 or higher; and, unsuccessful completions for those students dropping a course after drop period or completing course with a grade below 70. Semester data may include students that began a course in the previous semester, but completed in another semester. “No data reported for this course” means no one has taken the course or the success data has not yet been reported.

Enrollment Data

TXVSN Statewide Catalog Dynamic Enrollment Data Chart

TXVSN Enrollments by Semester graph reflects high school and dual credit enrollments by school year and semester. The order from left to right is the previous school year and semester to the current school year and semester. Enrollment numbers are real time and are refreshed hourly. This data is available on the Data and Reports page on this website.

Enrollment numbers are derived from the total number of course orders that are in the registration system with a status of approved, completed, or pending drop for that semester. This also includes orders that were dropped outside of the designated drop period, but excludes course orders that dropped within the drop period or were the result of a verified enrollment error by a district. Drop periods are contingent on the course enrollment type. Drop periods by course enrollment types are:

  • 14-school days after instructional start date for non-continuous enrollment course;
  • 14-school days after enrollment date if student joins the course after the instructional start date for a continuous enrollment course;
  • four-school days after the instructional start date for an accelerated course; and,
  • dual credit courses follow the higher education institution’s enrollment and drop schedule.

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