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Course review stepAdditional Information
5. Course provider completes submittal form in the ECSSThe TXVSN course review submittal module includes course provider demographics, individual course information, course creator, and the course submission assurance statements. Any special program designations (Ex: NCAA, SACS or College Board), as well as, the course syllabus are noted in this module. If a submission is designated as an Advanced Placement course, for example, College Board approval documentation can be supplied in this module. In the event that a traditional syllabus document is not used, the course provider may describe where in the course or where off-line the documentation of the data is found. The syllabus should include the following: course objectives and student learning outcomes, assignments, student expectations, time requirements, required materials, grading policy, teacher-student and teacher-parent contact policies, intended audience, content scope, and content sequence, etc.)
6. Course review accepts form and notifies course provider to continue submission

This step takes approximately two business days.

7. Course provider submits remaining course documents

After the submittal form has been submitted and accepted by the TXVSN, the following ECSS modules are populated for each course:

  1. The Science Field and Laboratory Investigations module is completed for all science courses. It provides documentation on how the online course meets the State Board of Education (SBOE) requirement that 40 percent of science instructional time be conducted as active, hands-on laboratory, and field investigations.
  2. TXVSN course access module supplies login(s) and password(s) necessary for the reviewers to access courses, as well as, any software, browser, or technical specifications.
  3. The course review questionnaire module makes reviewers aware of TEKS and National Standards for instances in which the instructional activities led by the instructor complete their coverage.
  4. The TEKS alignment module provides evidence for reviewers to verify the course’s alignment to the TEKS for the course and grade level.
8. Course review assigns course to reviewersReviewers hold a Texas teaching certificate in the content area(s) and grade level in which they are reviewing and have prior experience in online teaching, and /or learning. This step takes approximately two business days.
9. Course reviewers evaluate courseReviewers evaluate the course against the TEKS, as well as, the National Standards, and the TXVSN accessibility guidelines. This step takes approximately fourteen calendar days.
10. Course review makes modification report available if changes are requiredThe TXVSN course review team analyzes the final report and then makes it available to course provider. This step takes approximately two business days.
11. Course provider makes required modificationsThe course provider is required to make changes to the course in order to become approved; the modification period may be up to sixty calendar days.
Note: If there are no modifications to be made, the course will be approved. Skip to step 13.
12. Course reviewers verify course modificationsThe modifications will then be verified by the same reviewers. Reviewers will have approximately four calendars days to complete the modification check process.
13. Course review approves course in the ECSS and enters preliminary data into catalogThis step takes approximately one business day and initiates the catalog entry process.

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